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Tsubaki Drive Chain

Roller chains also known as transmission chains are being used in a wide range of applications to transmit power from one point to another.


Fig.1 shows the G8 Series Roller Chain from Tsubaki

In this post, we will discuss in detail on how Tsubaki manufacture chains that differ from it's competitors and also it's key features which increases the durability and strength of our chains.

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Tsubaki Power-Lock®

Power-Lock is a friction locking device also known as keyless shaft bushing or keyless locking device by other manufacturers.

Power-Lock Parts

Fig.1 shows a simple AS Series Power-Lock from Tsubaki

Let's look at how Power-Lock performs better compared to keyed joints!

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Opening Ceremony for New Tsubaki Subsidiary in Vietnam

Since 2011, Tsubaki Vietnam Representative Office has undertaken a thorough market survey of Vietnam market. As a result of this effort, Tsubaki has decided to establish a sales company in Vietnam to market all products of the Tsubaki Group including chains and mechanical components. This will enable the company to further strengthen sales and technical services while establishing a closer relationship with customers.

By the continuous effort of the founders, Tsubakimoto Vietnam Co., Ltd (TVNL) was established and began operations on the 25th of April, 2016 as a subsidiary of Tsubakimoto Singapore Pte. Ltd.

tvnl opening ceremony

By establishing a sales base, we hope to bring Tsubaki brand to stronger penetration into the Vietnamese market and to develop business in this potential market.

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