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Ultra Super Series


Ultra Super Series offer longer wear life, higher shock load resistance and higher tensile strength than any other Tsubaki roller chain. The pins are through-hardened and the pin holes are critically formed and ball drifted. The diameter of the pins has been increased.

This chain is well suited for applications where there are space limitations. The heavy duty construction of the Ultra Super Series chain allows it to replace chains up to two pitch sizes larger ANSI G8 Series chain. It is best suited for low speed operating conditions up to 50 m/min.

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Single Strand Details

Tsubaki Chain No. Pitch (P) Roller Diameter Inner Width
mm Inch R W
RF100-US-1 31.75 1¼" 19.05 19.05
RF120-US-1 38.10 1½" 22.23 25.40
RF140-US-1 44.45 1¾" 25.40 25.40
RF160-US-1 50.80 2" 28.58 31.75
Dimensions in mm
Tsubaki Chain No. Pin Link Plate
Diameter Length Thickness Height
D L1 L2 T H
RF100-US-N-1 9.54 21.80 24.50 4.80 30.10
RF120-US-N-1 11.11 26.95 30.55 5.60 36.20
RF140-US-N-1 12.71 28.90 33.10 6.40 42.20
RF160-US-N-1 14.29 33.95 38.45 7.10 48.20
Dimensions in mm
Tsubaki Chain No. Min. Tensile Strength
Max. Allowable Load
Approx. Mass
RS100-US-1 149.0 39.20 5.07
RS120-US-1 213.0 53.90 7.22
RS140-US-1 273.0 68.40 9.24
RS160-US-1 341.0 90.00 12.19
  • Select chains and sprockets as per the Allowable Load Selection Method.
  • Offset links are not available due to the super heavy-duty nature of transmission. Use an even number of links.
  • Use drip lubrication, oil bath or splash lubrication, or forced pump lubrication.
  • RS Roller Chain sprockets can be used only with single strand chains. Steel sprockets cannot be used. Use sprockets made of S35C or higher carbon steel. Sprockets with lower teeth number must also have hardened teeth.
  • Check the keyway strength. Tsubaki offers Tough Tooth sprockets with increased hub strength.
  • Multi-strand chains are not available. Consider other heavy duty chains if required.
  • The specifications changed from US to US-N in October 2016. The pin diameter ∅D is thinner than with the previous specifications. Replace the entire chain when replacing the previous specifications with the new specifications. Minimum tensile strength and maximum allowable load are the same.